Incoming Rain and Moon Tides: Chelton Beach, Prince Edward Island

Harmony, Prince Edward Island. 2021.

In Three Parts:

A favourite piece of shoreline. squashing sand castles with your butt, the rain off the water, run to the car.

The moon tide brought the sand bars to the surface. Walked across the seabed to a shell reef exposed from the extreme low tide. Giggles in the car with friends.

Checked the tidal chart. The car got stuck as I pulled up in the sand. Some nice people helped me get it out, and I asked before I made it worse trying to get it out on my own. The most beautiful sunset, watching the moon rise, the sound of water hitting the shore. A man pulls up behind me on an ATV, pulls out his cellphone and takes a photo, shouts “Aint that the fucking view! and drives away.

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