I Know This Forest Like the Back of My Hand

I Know This Forest Like the Back of My Hand
Video of hand spun wool and cotton weaving with layered lettering

I Know This Forest Like the Back of My Hand: A Love letter to the land of my childhood.

The weaving was made in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can hear the city sounds as I spin the wool, stretch and block it, and weave. I travelled across the country to Prince Edward Island in August of 2021. I had not been home to visit since 2018, first due to illness, then the global pandemic making travel to this tiny island with locked borders nearly impossible.

Arriving home, I installed the weaving into the brook running through the woods surrounding my parents house. It gathering clay, silt, leaves and pinecones as birds flew overtop and the combine collected wheat from the adjacent field. The wool starts out white, shifting to pink, then a deep red-brown as it dyed in the iron rich soil of Prince Edward Island. The weaving was meant to stay in the brook until my next trip home, but my father informed me that it went missing a week after I left, likely now a soft bed for an animal.

Day 1 (above) : Fresh white and cream contrasted to the deep red brook bed

Day 2 (above) : Rust edges

Day 5 (above) : Imbedded in the natural environment

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