Earth Forms

I Know This Forest Like the Back of My Hand Video of handspun wool and cotton weaving with layered lettering. 2022Read More Bonds Handspun wool, linen, paper, mixed media. 2022Read More It Washes Through Handspun Wool, Linen, Nylon. 2018Read More Growing Forms Wool, Soil, Living Plants. 2018Read More and Even More

It Washes Over

It Washes Over explores experiences through the objects we hold onto, and how the experiences they represent change us. Using donated items of significance that carry memories, grief, and trauma, I ventured into the inner workings of heartbreak and back again. This exploration of physical and emotional experiences as an unraveling and reworking of self weaves […]

Structure and Movement

​Structure and Movement is a series experimenting with freedom, movement and cooperation. The structure of the weaving allows movements to be amplified and transforms spaces and people. The Wool Fish An interactive and cooperative installation. Participants worked together to manipulate the hanging pieces by pulling on the strings along the perimeter and making twenty-six different sections […]