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2021 “It Washes Through”: Fibre Art and the Intertidal Zone in Contemporary Nova Scotia: Jolee Smith

2021 Exchanging Craft: The Uniter

2021 Manitoba Artists Exchange Inspiration by Exchanging Craft: Steinbach Online

2019 Textility of Trauma: Jolee Smith and Katrina Craig

2019 Finding Creative Play in an Optimized World: Pecha Kucha

2019 Paperwait: Ace Art (pg 64)

2018 A response to Katrina Craig’s It Washes Over: Ace Art

2018 Exploring the Textiles Art of Katrina Craig: The Walleye

2018 Paperwait: Ace Art (pg 59)

2018 Textile Art & ESB with Katrina Craig: Pubchat Podcast Episode 219

2013 Announcing “Runaway”: NSCAD University

2013 Run-run-Runaway: The Coast

2011 Ninety Nine problems but a stitch ain’t one: The Coast