Home and Garden

Winter Candles

Little Hexagon Candles– Filtered beeswax with lemon tea and dried lemon, with lemon tea ‘confetti’ on the bottom layer– Filtered beeswax with alkanet pigment on bottom layer– Filtered beeswax– Half Filtered half yellow beeswax with beveled top and ‘sprinkles’ coloured wicks– Bottom half remelt, top half filtered beeswax Little Block Candles– Half filtered half yellow…


Beeswax Candles

Column Candles, 2022– Beeswax with dried chocolate mint– Filtered beeswax with dried marigold and zinnea petals– Filtered bees wax with dried chocolate mint and peppermint oil– Half beeswax half filtered beeswax– Filtered beeswax and tree needles Little block Candles, 2022– Beeswax and dried chocolate mint– Filtered beeswax and dried marigold seeds and petals– Half beeswax…


Lawn to Garden

Lawn to garden, initial stages. 2021. Some process photos of the first few stages of front lawn-to garden-transition. There were already two beds in front of the house, and the two freestanding boxes when we moved in. I removed the sod, dug out the front beds, and made the wooden edging, staining it to match…