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The Process Of Closure: Read in The Walleye
Lakeside Embroidery: Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
It Washes Through
Norva Artist Retreat: Flin Flon, MB and Denare Beach, SK
Lakefront Sunset and People Watching: St Malo Provincial Park, Mantoba
Remembering a Free Spring Day
Jazz Fest: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cochineal Clouds: Natural Dye Dreaming
An Emerging Green Thumb
Pride: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mega Flora: How to Make the Flower Dome
Words Cut to Slivers, Soften.
Control, Vines: A Reflection of Growth
The Right to be Left Alone
Oak Hammock Marsh: Stonewall, Manitoba
Gas and Breakfast: Minnedosa, Manitoba
Festival Du Voyageur: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winter Wolseley Walks: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Life in Textures: January
It Washes Over: Opens Febuary 2nd at Flux Gallery
Ice Castle: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg Zoo: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Heartbreak Object: Wedding Bands
Junkyard Cows and Fields on Fire: Sandy Lake, Manitoba
Winter Wolseley Walks: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Art School
Lake Audy Bison Range: Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
Heartbreak Object: Taboos, then, have an all-encompassing quality
He Teases You Because He Likes You: Downloadable Colouring Workbook
Autumn Walk and Back Alley Arctic: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wolseley Walks (Thinking of Summer), Winnipeg Manitoba
Heartbreak Objects: Tokens From a Past Place
Nuit Blanche, Late Night Folly: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nuit Blanche, Early Evening Escapades: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Granny’s Gong Show and Drag Bingo: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Macrame Mermaid Hair: East Sooke Park, British Columbia
Mountains on my Mind: Bamberton Provincial Park, British Columbia
Victor Street Exteriors: Winnipeg Manitoba
Hikes and Heartbreak: Victoria, British Columbia
Uncharacteristic Saturday Activites: Winnipeg Goldeyes
Manitoba Fibre Art Festival and ‘Common Threads’ Exhibition, Winnipeg Manitoba
Taking Breaks: Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
Feminist Futures at MAWA, Winnipeg Manitoba
Rainbow Trout Music Festival, St Malo Manitoba
How to: Marigold Natural Dye
Love Isn’t About Becoming, it is Being
My Heart Pounding
A Wordmark From a Dear Friend
Performing “Over It”
Gappy Teeth
Objects of Understood Significance
Journal Excitement
Why Does Everyone Think They’re Right? Complexes/Complicated
Neuro Craft, Winnipeg Manitoba
Roughness, Softness
Trepidation and Anxiety, A Women’s March: Winnipeg, Manitoba
A Look at Sketch Books
Every 5 minutes (30 seconds)
Thoughts on Minimalism and Art
Transforming Snow Boots
Photo Back
Journals, Sentimentality
Heartbreak, Support
Sad Journals, New Form
The Wool Fish- Rainbow Trout Music Festival, St Malo MB
Manitoba Fibre Art Festival, Winnipeg MB
Cycles of Work
Cochineal Process
Natural Indigo Blue
Social Climates
Organising the Hoard
Felted Warp Thread
Homemade Loom(ish)
The Eyeless Woman
Puppet Time
Big Changes, Nesting
Movement Series
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